After the recent announcement that some NBA teams will not stay at hotels owned by Trump International, Prime Sports Report will, under further notice, boycott the NBA. No article will be posted regardless of its content or impact.


NBA players – most notably Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James – have shown that they are not only ignorant and stupid – let’s cut right to the chase on that – but they are also bigots. The absolutely despicable NBA is prostrate to this bigotry and therefore is culpable on all the repercussions this brings.


It is not enough that NBA players – all black players anyway – are totally brain dead and willfully ignorant of the facts and circumstances surrounding the events that have occurred around the US regarding the police and black criminals. The black players believe that these criminals should be allowed to commit crimes with impunity. The black players reveal their abject willful ignorance and adherence to the ‘black narrative’ in the US by believing the lies of groups such as Black Lives Matter, a scurrilous group supported by the evil George Soros to foment racial division in the US. The Black Lives Matter movement has proven to be unethical and liars. The events in Ferguson and Baltimore have generated lie upon lie about the true happenings and the innocence of the police. The NBA players have fallen right behind the NFL players and the black race baiters to perpetuate these lies even though the truth is in plain sight. Consequently these players are nothing more than ignorant bigots.


PSR would like to give the players and the NBA an elementary lesson in US civics – the US is a country of laws, not men. So the rule of law rules. You live by the rules or you go to jail. It is so simple that even you morons can understand.


And now with the election of Donald Trump, they have shown their true colours – they are bigots pure and simple. The hate whites. They, like all Democrats, liberals and progressives, are not tolerant or respectful of the views of others. They only want others to submit to their positions – which are their definition of compromise. And Mr. Trump has stated that law and order must prevail over everything. Mr. Trump wants to enforce the law against law breakers regardless of who or what they are. Since the current occupant of the White House does not enforce the nation’s laws, the people of America elected someone who will. There is nothing bigoted or racist about this in any way. The players and the NBA apparently want lawlessness over the rule of law. Furthermore Mr. Trump wants to ensure the American Dream is achievable for all law abiding citizens. Let’s repeat that for the slow learners – Mr. Trump wants to ensure the American Dream is achievable for all law abiding citizens


In light of the flagrantly bigoted actions of the NBA and its players and their unwillingness to adhere to the rules of the US, Prime Sports Report will not give the players of the league the time of the day. All and any chaos that results in their actions and statements is on them. As long as they remain in brainless land, PSR will boycott the NBA and its players.


NOVEMBER 17, 2016